Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why is Jimmy Carter so Oposed to Israel?

Although I haven't read Jimmy Carter's book, I've read the reviews and heard the news of the exodus of his staff since the day it was released. I have more important things to do than read what is opined to be not only a rewrite of history, but blatantly anti-Israel/Jew.

It has puzzled me...why would a former president not only say the horrible things he has said about America and subsequent presidents in public on foreign soil, but why would he put such controversial language in print?

Today, some clarity came to me via my inbox. Below is an excerpt from a Frontpage Magazine article written by John Perazzo. The link to the full article follows.

"Some members of the Arab lobby in America are heavily financed with money from the Arab world. As Jacob Laksin recently detailed in FrontPageMagazine, for instance, the Atlanta-based Carter Center (founded by Jimmy Carter in 1982) has been a longtime recipient of Arab funding. Before his death in 2005, Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd made several large donations to the Center, including a 1993 gift of $7.6 million. As of 2005, the king’s nephew, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, had given at least $5 million to the Carter Center. In 2001 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) gave the Center $500,000. The previous year, ten of Osama bin Laden’s brothers had jointly pledged $1 million, as did Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman in 1998. The Saudi Fund for Development has been another major contributor, as has the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. And Morocco’s Prince Moulay Hicham Ben Abdallah has collaborated with the Carter Center on various initiatives."

Well, that explains everything!!!

Frontpage Article


Mary*Ann said...

Well, isn't that an eyeopener!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian and from my view I see Carter as not seeing Israel's existence as Bible prophecy fulfilled.
I think he is a Calvinist whose belief is the Whites are Israel or the Chosen, and any ethnic who thinks God would choose them is deluded.
Clinton and the rest of them think this also and this is precisely why they don't care if Israel is divided.
My last name is found on the Holocaust Memorial so also from that view I see Carter as a bigot and a troublemaker whom God will punish for his fight against God.