Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What good is War?

I found this image on another great blogsite It kinda says it all. If you have a minute go take a look at her site. She has a great picture as you scroll down of the Clintons at the podium with the Bushes in the background and has asked readers to "caption it". The responses (mine included) are great.

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YIH said...

Hello! Yeah, this is ''off topic'' but I just wanted you to know that what I say I mean.
In the BBB I asked if anyone using Blogger would like to adopt my now-defunct American Flag icon.
You seemed to be interested so I said that I would post a 'how-to'.
Done. In fact, that snippet of HTML that I used as an example came from this blog!
That empty line between {HEAD} and {META} is where those lines of HTML need to be. If you have any problems, just hit 'comments' on Your Image Here and let me know.