Thursday, February 22, 2007

Conservative Danger Zone

Outright Vermont Creating A Queer Youth Community Since 1989

The above organization was exposed for their attempts to infiltrate our Vermont schools by Paul Beaudry the lone conservative voice on talk radio over the past few months. Despite their alleged efforts to silence him, suport for his show in the 11-12 am (est) time slot is growing and remains number one.

Intolerate people have called his advertisers and some have stopped supporting him; others in true Vermont fashion will not be bulled. They have directly mailed his frequent callers, petitioning them to not support the show. Now, they've taken it to a higher level with threats of personal bodily injury and slashing his tires.

Paul announced on the show today that the police are now involved. He has also notified all the local news affiliates and Fox News via Bill O'Reilly of the threats and actions of the intolerant cowards. You may recall that Paul has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor a few times regarding the senseless sentencing of child predators here in Vermont (i.e. 60 days sentence for the man who repeatedly raped a young girl).

If anyone would like to support this effort to continue the lone conservative voice in Vermont, donations are accepted at:

True North Radio
P.O. Box 652
Burlington VT 05402-0652

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I'm hoping Bill has him back on the show.