Friday, February 23, 2007


I posted yesterday about the lone conservative talk radio host, Paul Beaudry’s plight of “someone” trying to get him off the air. I would like to clarify a statement I made regarding the threat of bodily injury. I spoke with Paul last evening and he clarified that it was a threat made to another person and passed on to him and not a direct threat to him. The threat was in effect “that he better not be seen out in public or he might get slapped”.

Be that as it may, it saddens me to think that there are people with so much hate and intolerance that they can’t even hear another voice without such violent intentions or actions, which brings me to another point of clarification. I mentioned yesterday that 2 tires on Paul’s vehicle were slashed. The analysis of Paul’s tires determined that they were punctured, not slashed. A slash would result in a flat tire and the vehicle rendered unable to be driven. A puncture with subsequent slow leak could result in internal pressure differences as the tire contacts the road. What would that cause…a blowout!! I estimate Paul’s daily commute to be about 60 miles. That’s a lot of time for a blowout to occur. Thankfully the punctures were discovered and Paul is safe.

Paul announced today that he received an email from the Bill O’Reilly show requesting he make an appearance this evening. At the close of the Paul’s show, it was not certain that he would be on O’Reilly Factor tonight, I plan to watch Bill anyway.

Also I mentioned that they would accept donations. I want to clarify that any monies received will be used to keep the show on the air. Unlike other talk shows that are paid to be aired by local stations, Paul’s show has to pay an hourly fee to the local stations to buy the one hour air time!!!

True North Radio
PO Box 652
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