Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jimmie and the Geriatrics

Jimmie and the Geriatrics
It’s My Turn to Respond to the Iraq Study Group

Ayup, we’ve come of age. Used to be retired folk would sit in their rockers and reminisce ‘bout the yonder-years. Put a log on the fire and pet the cat. Sip their brandy, toke on a cigar (or not) and fill their kinfolk and whoever else was there with history, folklore and drama. Well, not much has happened ‘cept now the history, folklore and drama is gone global; and dangerous.

We cannot base our foreign policy or our war strategy on a bunch of ole folks who seemingly want one last word; one last chance to change their epitaph. Good grief. The Iraq Survey Geriatric Group is proof positive of why there are mandatory retirement ages in certain professions. With the exception of Thomas Jefferson, it should be true with all policy perpetrators in the US. You can’t pull the ole Victrola out of the attic and expect the waltzes to sound good enough to dance to. We live in a different time.

This is not an assault on the elderly (I fight daily for the rights of elderly and disabled citizens), most folk know when it’s time to give it up…and do. This is a realization that there is a time for everything. The time for war with radical Islam is now and it MUST be carried out as a modern/new age war by those who not only understand it, but are willing to execute it. We have been talking and rocking in our chairs too long. We are not dealing with an enemy the geriatrics faced in their time (unless you count the thousands of Muslims that joined Hitler’s army to annihilate the Jews and us). We are dealing with a sleeping; now awakening giant.

My mother describes the horrors WWII when the enemy would fill the belly of a soldier with water and then jumping on him; thus exploding his stomach and causing an excruciating death. Or pulling his fingernails off with pliers – ugh … as being the worst form of punishment/torture inflicted on us in WWII and she would be correct in those statements – dreadful (of course how bout the gas chambers?). There are now new methods of torture and terror. How about tying a child’s limb to one parent and another limb to the other parent then pulling the parent’s away thus splitting and killing the child – an innocent child, not a soldier – not to mention the parents who are forced to watch this evil act? Of course the beheading of Nicolas Berg and others wasn’t very “nice” either. It is a different enemy we face.

Actually we don’t face them. They won’t face us. They hide behind innocent women and children. They are evil scum. They know if they fought us (the Jews and all of western society) in hand to hand or battlefield combat, they would lose. They rely on western propagandists like Jimmie Baker and the Geriatrics, their periodic acts of terror and our sympathetic media to win.

Who in the hell found the geriatrics to instruct us…we, who have to digest their world view? Who is responsible for this? Why were the most talented thinkers and doers of our time not the ones to study the situation? Why are we even looking?...this is WAR.



Mary*Ann said...

I think you are right. They are living in the past. The Pres. said at the beginning that this would be a war like no war we have fought before. Yet, the Iraq Surrender Group is trying to turn it into Viet Nam. Michael Yon's most recent dispatch "No Darker Heart", is the horror that awaits if we walk away. They refuse to see it.

Andrea & Mark-Radio Patriots said...

Excellent post, Julie. Your righteous anger sizzles off the page.

You are absolutely correct in that it is long past time that these ISG members moved off the workd stage, if they were ever even deserving to be on it. I think it was Congress that set up this committee. Well, doesn't it figure --- Congress... (shaking my head here).

Let's hope our president pays it nothing more than lip service -- in the form of a big fat bronx raspberry.

Radio Patriot 1