Sunday, December 17, 2006


Thank God Robert Grenier is a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency’s counterintelligence center. In his tortured, twisted and seemingly ill-informed New York Times Op Ed Piece today (you may need to create an account to access it) he suggests “the only way of making the Lebanese government accountable is to encourage the progressive, moderating integration of Hezbollah into the political, social and military fabric of the state”.

When has a terrorist group ever had a “moderating” influence on anything they infiltrate or are integrated into? The only time/place that I can think of is the moderating (actually paralyzing) influence on media outlets worldwide. It is widely known among journalists that reporting the truth about what Hezbollah, Hamas and every other Islamo-fascist terror group is all about is a fatal error.

Recall that CNN admitted they didn’t tell the truth about the brutality of Sadam Hussein.

At the Restoration Weekend (you can access video and text of most of the sessions), Bernie Goldberg* pointed out that when the New York Times (and other print media) refused to publish the cartoon caricatures of Muhammad they wrote that they did so “out of respect for the religion” of Islam. The very next day they published pictures of the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung. To have printed the cartoonish Muhammad would have resulted in actualization of the treats the Islamo-fascists made and likely the New York Times Building would no longer exist on the New York City landscape. Certainly no Christian made such a threat; we protested, we didn’t kill or destroy. Did the New York Times have less respect for the Christian religious image of the Virgin Mary? Yes, and they also knew we posed no threat.

This is the moderating influence the Islamo-fascists have. By tempering their image in western media they create a sympathetic populous that view them as the victim. This is how they are winning. This is partly why they are so dangerous. Fear and intimidation is their most powerful weapon. I implore our media to stand up to them!

Again I suggest my readers buy and read carefully Brigitte Gabriel's book "Because the Hate". You will have a metanoia of the mind after reading just a few pages.

* From the Restoration Weekend Bio: Bernard Goldberg winner of seven Emmys, reports for the critically acclaimed HBO program Real Sports, and has authored three books Bias, Arrogance, and 100 People who Are Screwing Up America -- And Al Franken is # 37.

Goldberg has reported extensively, both at HBO and CBS News, on the transformation of American Culture...

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