Saturday, December 9, 2006

Response to a comment

A recent comment about my first post deserves a response. I can’t recall the entire quote, but during the ’04 campaign season Hillary Clinton screamed at a rally that she was sick and tired of every time someone questions this (Bush) administration they are accused of being unpatriotic. Well, I’m sick and tired of being accused of fear mongering and spewing hate speech when I point out a real threat to America and the world. The anonymous person who commented was concerned that I relied of some (note - not all) of Dr. Paul Williams work; totally ignoring that I referred to several others experts in that post.

Since that post, I have researched even further (to correct an erroneous statement regarding the power of suitcase nukes), and am now more convinced of the peril we face.

What is most concerning to me is the willingness of the anonymous commentator to ignore the issue, void of any intelligent counter debate and attack me. This is a trend I see all too frequently. If we can’t debate issue(s) intelligently, we will never know who are enemies are, we will never know how they operate and we will not be able to defeat them; whether it’s radical Islam or someone else.

In the end, I hope the anonymous person reads this because I want to thank him/her. It proves that we must come together to protect our right to not only free speech, but the many other freedoms we enjoy, here in the greatest country in the world. I also would like to thank him/her because it is so rewarding to be challenged.

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