Thursday, December 7, 2006

RADICAL ISLAM: Weapons We Know They Have

RADICAL ISLAM: Weapons We Know They Have – What We Need to Do About It

The most powerful weapon RADICAL ISLAM has is terror and fear; they are masters at it. Their willingness to use any means available to eradicate the Jews and “the west” demonstrates their greatest weapon. Forcing parents (in Lebanon) to kill their infant child by securing one limb to one parent and another limb to the other parent and then pulling the parents apart as the child is torn in two (read Brigitte Gabriel’s “Because They Hate” for more telling information);who could ever inflict this evil? RADICAL ISLAM.

RADICAL ISLAM wants to dominate the world. RADICAL ISLAM insists we either convert to their “religion”, submit to Islamic law (I will never wear a burka-help me not have to do that), or be killed. I believe moderate and secular Muslims are more afraid of them than we are; because they know who they are.

We are not afraid and actively engaged in fighting to RADICAL ISLAM because our media is seemingly sympathetic to their cause and in agreement with the liberal left that if we only talk to them, we can all get along.

We can’t and we won’t talk. I don’t know any woman; liberal, moderate or conservative who would be willing to submit to wearing a burka, appearing in public only in the company of a man, never speaking unless spoken to, periodic and often routine rapes, etc. etc. etc. Talking will not change the practice of RADICAL ISLAM; they believe all these practices to be true, and sanctioned by Allah/God. Remember they want to dominate the world, and if we refuse to submit to their laws, they will kill us – they have already done it. Terror and fear is their most powerful weapon. I have two regrets in our stirring up the hornet’s nest of RADICAL ISLAM so they are fighting us on Iraqi soil. First, the innocent Iraqis who are slaughtered; caught in the crossfire and subjected to the evil acts and tactics of RADICAL ISLAM; they suffer greatly. You do not see our military sending suicide bombers, car bombers, improvised explosive devices etc. into civilian populations. That is what RADICAL ISLAM does. Second is since our media is increasingly sympathetic to the enemy and we hear only the tragedies that occur in Iraq, Americans are largely ignorant to the threat of RADICAL ISLAM. We have not experienced a direct attack on US soil since 9/11. Our leaders are to be commended for this, but we have become comfortable and complacent; even considerate to the enemy.

Second among their weaponry are their covert operations.

In the most insidious manner RADICAL ISLAM has infiltrated western government(s) world wide. I cannot believe the complacency of our own government as they (CIA/FBI) align themselves with CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) which is largely believed to be a front group for Hamas; the RADICAL ISLAMic group in Palestine. When we read about statements from Islamic groups following a horrific event somewhere in the world, the mainstream media often interviews someone from CAIR who purports a pseudo-peaceful message at the televised podium – but a very opposite message when addressing their “followers”. Rarely do we hear from a moderate or secular Cleric who has the voice of Islam that is real, and peaceful: a Cleric who would effectively condemn the motives and methods of RADICAL ISLAM. Certainly not because there aren’t any who would speak, some do; the media does not cover their statements.

RADICAL ISLAM has also succeeded in gaining the sympathy/complacency of many moderate and secular Muslim brethren who Stephen Emerson* refers to as cultural Muslims. Cultural Muslims would never carry out a suicide bomb or any other operation but wouldn’t necessarily stop someone who would. Certainly, there are Muslims who do not tolerate the Radical Arm of Islam, would never tolerate their behavior, would certainly rat them out, but for some reason we are not hearing from them. Why aren’t our opinion pages full of letters from these people?

The third weapon they have are the tangible explosive devices, internet hacking abilities, and yes…weapons of mass destruction that could be introduced to our food, water and air supplies. Most of these (suitcase nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, suicide bombs, various biological and chemical agents, etc) require intensive planning and coordination to deploy. The network of offenders both stateside and abroad, their financial transactions and communications are a significant area where we can effectively fight them. That is why this author was angered by the most recent egregious leaks of classified information-UGH. If we cannot effectively survey, observe and intercept their activities, we lose…we die. Where are the treason charges against these perpetrators?

The good news in all of this is we now have a growing albeit fledgling government intelligence gathering network of our own. It was cut off at the knees in recent years (lack of congressional appropriation), but fortunately our leaders have seen fit since 9/11 to get human intel on the ground, infiltrate known RADICAL ISLAMic groups and finally have federal government agencies talk to each other.

In this war against RADICAL ISLAM, we can’t afford to expend time/energy pointing fingers or assigning blame. We have to all be on the same page, reading the same paragraph, same line and not proofreading the politically incorrect language if we want to survive as a free world. I will be sadly disappointed if the newly elected Democrat congress does nothing but fight President Bush with incessant hearings, subpoenas, misguided allegations, etc. instead of fight the real enemy: RADICAL ISLAM


*Stephen Emerson is an internationally recognized expert on terrorism and national security. He has authored many books (read them all –available on Amazon, etc) and is the Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism which is reported to be the nation’s largest archival data and intelligence on Islamic and Middle Eastern terrorist groups.

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