Tuesday, December 5, 2006

A site to visit

Short & sweet today...I urge everyone to visit the website below for more information about what Radical Islam has in store for us. It is the site of the author Brigette Gabriel who I reference in the first line of my first blog entry at the bottom of this page.



Andrea Shea King & Mark Vance said...

Julie --

This is an important woman -- let's keep the spotlight on her.
Any word on how she made out at her speech in Michigan last night?

Radio Patriot

Jihadnews said...

No, haven't heard (inre Brigittes fate) - was out getting the F150 fixed today (and shopping) so had little time to follow what was going on. By the way, thanks for the heads up on this and I agree she needs to be in the spotlight.

I just hope that in the future I can continue being in public by myself - without a male escort and wearing what I want to wear. Me thinks you agree.

I'll tune in tomorrow - perhaps a bit late, I'm picking up the boys at school.